Dots and Dashes


These guys show up with the snow

Chickadees somehow appear out of no where every year when the snow flies, they travel in small groups like gypsies coming in for a quick meal at the feeder and then they’re gone. Oil and watercolour versions, they both have their own qualities.Chikadees hdChickadees hd

Pukaskwa Series 3

Another copper sand beach in the wilderness of Pukaskwa. What caught my eye was the way the rocky outcrop resurfaced as it fell into the water, the rhythm of the shoreline seemed to echo the rhythm of the water.

Pukaskwa Beach hd

Pukaskwa Series 2

Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior has a variety of beaches, some piled high with driftwood, some pebble beaches and some with multi coloured brown sands. This beach was made up of copper coloured sand which gave it a warm glow as the shadows lengthened. Oil 9″x12″
Pukaskwa series 2 hd Fin

Life Drawing

Most of my life drawings are pencil or charcoal but when I see a pose that really catches me I pull out the watercolours and get the image down in 20 minutes. It’s fast and loose, 20 minutes isn’t much but I think it creates some of the best work I produce.
Layed Back

Crimson Nude hd

Pukaskwa Series 1

Remote and wild… my artist in residence stays in Pukaskwa still inspire my work. I’ve been thinking of doing a series of small oils of the area and this is the first. Much of my time was spent kayaking the area so there will be lots of rocks and water. Oil 9″x12″
Pukaskwa wc_edited-1

Dry Pastels

I’m still new to dry pastels and trying to figure out how it best works for me, trying to stay loose while adding some colour is the goal for now…and it seems to be working.


Sunbow River

We often kayak to this spot, it’s a small, winding river with the boreal forest closing in on the banks. It’s a small oil 9″x12″

Sunbow River hd


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