Dots and Dashes


Boundary Waters commission

This small oil is heading to Newfoundland as a wedding gift, an image of the boundary waters area of Northern Minnesota, 9″x12″. Thanks J & M for the commission.

J and M 6


Amazing Grace

Being married to a piper means I listen to lots of bagpipes…which I love. This image represents the MacGilivray Pipe Band marching in one of their many concerts.
watercolour 16″ x 20″

Amazing Grace

Jam Session

A simple watercolour expressing the mood and movement of a free wheeling jam session.
Jam Session

Boundary Waters

A composite landscape from the many images left in my mind from a kayaking adventure up the Maligne River, flowing into Northern Light Lake along the boundary waters of the Ontario/Minnesota borders. Its a large oil 48″ x 36″.
Boundaet Waters hd

Beach Girls

A whimsical piece of beach life captured in oils, 9″x12″ canvas board Canvas board.


Through the Trees

A drive along the coast of Captiva Island is like a drive through the forest, alternating beach and lush tree growth with the smell of the ocean in the air. This piece was juried into the Capture Captiva exhibit.


North of Superior

Rocks and trees dominate this incredible landscape, harsh yet so much warmth and beauty infused into the landscape.

North Shore series #1 ps