Dots and Dashes


Beach Girls

A whimsical piece of beach life captured in oils, 9″x12″ canvas board Canvas board.



Approaching the Franklin Bluffs

I spent a good portion of this past summer exploring Alaska by motorcycle, one of the best parts was heading north to Deadhorse on the haulroad, also known as the Dalton Hwy. It’s a 450 mile ride north on gravel and ends at the Arctic Ocean, daylight for 24 hours a day and a cold wind blowing in off the ocean. You know you’re getting close when the Franklin Bluffs appear on the horizon in what is otherwise flat rolling tundra. An amazing expanse of remote wilderness as far as the you can see, just open tundra…hope this captures some of it.
36’x24″ oil on canvas

69 Degrees North, Approaching the Franklin Bluffs

Dry Pastel Nude

I’ve been working in dry pastels for a couple of weeks now and struggling with learning this new medium. This was a pose that seemed to work…20 minute pose with details finished in studio.

pastel 1 wc_edited-1

3 Minute Pose

Kathleen wcI thought maybe I’d keep things simple and reworked this sketch with a bit of colour and more shadow, all conte on arches hot press watercolour paper. It may yet evolve into a watercolour painting.


3 Minute Pose

>This is a quick 3 minute pose from life drawing, conte on newsprint.wc 790 8 I’ll probably work this into a bigger finished piece on¬†better paper with a watercolour wash.¬†




A quick 20 minute pencil/watercolour from our life class drop in session, just a small one…8″ x 11″.


standing nude wcI’ve had this quick 5 minute life class sketch that I’d planned on working into a painting and I’ve done just that. It’s 8″ x 11″ watercolour. I really like the spontaneous feel of this piece.