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Boundary Waters

A composite landscape from the many images left in my mind from a kayaking adventure up the Maligne River, flowing into Northern Light Lake along the boundary waters of the Ontario/Minnesota borders. Its a large oil 48″ x 36″.
Boundaet Waters hd


Through the Trees

A drive along the coast of Captiva Island is like a drive through the forest, alternating beach and lush tree growth with the smell of the ocean in the air. This piece was juried into the Capture Captiva exhibit.


Crab Culture, Merit award, BIG Arts Founders Gallery, Sanibel Island

A couple of crabs from a different perspective, these guys walk funny, look funny and are fun to watch. Oil 9″x12″

crab culture hd

Two Palms – Captiva SOLD

Joined a plein aire paintout group at a small chapel located in a clearing just feet from the ocean on Captiva Island, a good mix of sun and shade led to this piece, a small 9″x12″ oil.

2 Palms hd

These guys show up with the snow

Chickadees somehow appear out of no where every year when the snow flies, they travel in small groups like gypsies coming in for a quick meal at the feeder and then they’re gone. Oil and watercolour versions, they both have their own qualities.Chikadees hdChickadees hd

Pukaskwa Series 3

Another copper sand beach in the wilderness of Pukaskwa. What caught my eye was the way the rocky outcrop resurfaced as it fell into the water, the rhythm of the shoreline seemed to echo the rhythm of the water.

Pukaskwa Beach hd

Pukaskwa Series 2

Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior has a variety of beaches, some piled high with driftwood, some pebble beaches and some with multi coloured brown sands. This beach was made up of copper coloured sand which gave it a warm glow as the shadows lengthened. Oil 9″x12″
Pukaskwa series 2 hd Fin